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Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday, April 4 Musings

Some observations:

RINO:  Republican In Name Only.  It seems that the term has been misused of late, wherein some of the more moderate Republicans who don't consider OCPAC to be equal to that of the Council of Chalcedon are labeled.  There are, mind you, some legitimate uses of the term and there are most assuredly a few stumbling about down under the methane gas filled dome.  But at the end of the day, we must use caution in our labels for many who are labeled as such are clearly not.  I have heard Randy Brogdon labeled as a RINO because of his acceptance of a state job after campaigning so hard against growth in government.  The latest is that of Representative George Faught (here).  This, I find exceptionally amusing.  Faught is many things, but two-faced is not one of them nor is he a RINO.

City Council Cash:  The Oklahoma City Council races have turned into a profit center for consultants and mailing houses, but the average Joe seems less than impressed.  The Oklahoman put together quite the story on the money pouring into the mess and frankly, it is an indicator of just what direction the City of Oklahoma City is headed.  Oklahoma City does appear to be headed in the right direction, yet the construction has become troublesome and getting around downtown is increasingly difficult.  The finals are tomorrow, and the more moderate of the candidates (Ed Shadid) will face a tough opponent.  As always, it will come down to which of the candidates have a game plan to get voters to the polls.

We Are One Rally:  Today, union members and union supporters gathered on the steps of the capitol and the turn out was pretty good all things considered.  Not as many as the Tea Party Rallies, but still, a very good showing.  The aggregate result is still left to be seen.