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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Open-Carry Closed

A committee in the Oklahoma House of Representatives shot down a proposal to allow for open-carry in the state of Oklahoma.  The vote was 9-8.

From the Oklahoman:
The House Public Safety committee Wednesday voted 9-8 against the measure by Rep. Leslie Osborn. It's identical to a bill approved by the Legislature last year but vetoed by former Gov. Brad Henry.

The bill had passed the Senate and would have allowed anyone 18 or older to openly carry a firearm without a license. The committee struck those provisions with an amendment requiring those who openly carry handguns to have a concealed carry permit that requires criminal background checks.
Not a fan of open-carry myself, however, there is a possibility that voters will get to decide if Oklahomans with their SDA license will be able to openly carry firearms.