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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rumor Mill: Charles Key Counting For County?

Politics can be frustrating, aggravating, and make you want to toss your cookies on your brand new shoes.  And in Oklahoma, we take it to a new level.

Candidates who have bemoaned the very existence of government find themselves getting elected and rather enjoying the steady income, not to mention the healthcare taxpayers provide.  During the last election cycle, former State Senator and gubernatorial candidate railed on the ineffectiveness of government, the fact that we needed to desperately put the brakes on government spending, only to take a job with the Insurance Commission.  As did some of his supporters.

Now, the rumors are flying that term-limited State Representative Charles Key will be running for an Oklahoma County post.  While it is in the rumor stages, the question remains as to whether or not the irony train is about to leave the station.  Key is one of the uber-conservative, borderline Libertarians in the House and whether his Ron Paul brand of government will fit in Oklahoma County is hard to determine.  Just can't see Charles Key, Leonard Sullivan, David Prater and Ray Vaughn sitting down to have a cup of coffee and discussing budget plans.  I could see them sitting down to discuss their pension plans, however.

Charles Key is an interesting cat.  He is an unashamed Ron Paul supporter, has posted some pretty negative links about Governor Fallin on his website, and works in the insurance industry.  He is definitely a firebrand of conservatism in the House, but will that kind of fire play well in downtown Oklahoma City where Thunder tickets are all the rage and dinner at Red Prime or Republic Gastropub is the staple of the political entertainment diet?

Perhaps the time for the Libertarian viewpoint to get a hearing in Oklahoma County is due.  Perhaps Key can pull it off.  Perhaps the rumors are unfounded and mean little.  Either way, it does make for interesting dialog, don't you agree?