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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Genre? "Red Dirt Metal"

Typically, the rants here are related to politics and current events, but I have had a few delightful conversations with Rick Davis of Shotgun Rebellion and I thought I would share and perhaps get your thoughts on the topic of what is being dubbed, "Red Dirt Metal."

Rick described it to me as a genre that is similar to the Black Label Society, but with roots in, well, areas where red dirt is dominant.  Two of the bands that are the embodiment of RDM would be Texas Hippie Coalition and Shotgun Rebellion.  Texas Hippie Coalition (THC) is from Texas, Shotgun Rebellion from Oklahoma.

It's hard to describe the style, but it's kind of like Black Label Society with more attitude.  Take a peek at a THC video and see for yourself whether or not one of the fastest growing genres in the south is to your liking...

And here is a taste of Oklahoma's Shotgun Rebellion: