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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's True...Time For Change

For two decades, I've been involved in or pontificating about the political processes and frankly, the words of Solomon ring true - "there is nothing new under the sun."  Politics has largely remained the same and it is what it is, both good and bad.  We have elected outstanding politicians and we have elected some bottom-feeding piles of human waste, but at the end of the day, we're still the greatest country on the planet and God willing, we'll continue to be as much.

Politics is, in many ways, a form of entertainment.  Every couple years, the cast of characters change, but the tunes remain the same, orchestrated and choreographed by recognizable names in the business.  But it is fun, it is entertaining, it is often painful, and it is always gratifying - even when our candidate loses. 

There is a lot more to life and I'm really starting to see and feel that.  Granted, it has taken me far too long and I can't recover the lost time, but I can redeem the time right now, right here.  I've lost some good friends over the years, friends who have gone to be with the Father and those losses have had a profound impact on me.   A trip last year to my home state of Washington was revelatory as well, learning more about my past, my childhood and my family than imaginable. 

This blog is going to change.  There will be a different, more diverse focus.  I'll be posting stories about music, about entertainment in Central Oklahoma, culture and yes, I'll still have the occasional post about politics - but I'll do my best to eliminate partisanship and just get to the heart of what's important. 

So, what is important to me?  My struggling faith, my family, music, culture and community.  Hopefully, you won't be too disappointed.