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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weird, Wacky Political World

October has been a bizarre month for weather, Sooner football and as odd as the political world can be, it has gotten even more strange than usual.  Generally speaking, elections and politics have become tiresome for the artist formerly known as the 400lb Gorilla, and next to cleaning a dog kennel, following politics has plummeted on my list of entertainment options.  Here are some reasons why I believe we are through the proverbial looking glass:

Bob Dani
Representative Marian Cooksey draws an opponent.  Cooksey is an Edmond fixture much like the sculpture of Shannon Miller at the public library, so to hear that she is drawing a primary opponent was, and is, shocking.  Who is her opponent?  Bob Dani - founder of the High Noon Club, business owner and uber-conserverative 2nd Amendment champion.  Dani has secured seasoned talent to work on his campaign, a consultant who has been a part of virtually every successful Oklahoma County elected official's campaign.  This House race will be entertaining to watch and it will be even more challenging to see just how the current climate of conservatism bolsters Dani's campaign.

State Senator Steve Russell bows out.  Steve Russell, author of an open-carry bill, has announced that he's done and won't be running to retain his seat in the State Senate.  Russell campaigned on his military background, his work in the events surrounding the capture of Saddam Hussein, but apparently working in the Oklahoma Senate is just not his game.  Russell will be out pushing book sales and there is rumors abounding that he may be a new voice on NRA Radio.  Who will run for that seat?  It's going to be hard to tell, but there is talk that State Representative Mike Reynolds is considering a run, Kyle Loveless may be running again and if he does, his relationship with Red Chair Productions will be prominent in the race.   Red Chair is by far one of the most talented production firms in Central Oklahoma.  It will be a Republican primary race, whereas no Democrats are going to be strong enough to carry that Senate District.

Romney, Perry, Cain, oh my!  The Republican candidates for President have taken off the gloves and are maneuvering to out conservative each other.  It's bizarre to watch Romney back track on his previous record, to see Governor Perry explain away some of his statements regarding illegal immigration, and then there's the Herman Cain train.  It's as though the Republican party is just pushing anyone who looks like they can defeat Obama...forget talent, common sense and ability.

Rep. Randy Terrill
Randy Terrill draws an opponent.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The McCarville Report is reporting that Representative Randy Terrill has actually drawn a Republican opponent - Republican businessman Mark McBride.  Fascinating.  Terrill has been a target of the business community ever since he pushed, passed and defended the legendary House Bill 1804 (at the time, one of the nation's toughest illegal immigration bills).  Terrill has seen opponents come and go, but has been able to withstand the test of time and loyalty from his constituents in his House District.  I have stated previously that Terrill will own that House seat as long as he wants it, but I don't know that he's seen an opponent of McBride's pedigree - Terrill is going to have to work his rear off in light of the charges he's facing in Oklahoma County and let's face it; the Oklahoman isn't a big fan of Terrill either.  McBride looks to be a real contender in this race, but never underestimate the loyalty Terrill has from his constituency.

Coburn consistent, shocks some.  Senator Tom Coburn campaigned in such a way that there would be no surprises if he were to be elected and he's living up to that campaign ideology.  Coburn is a conservative who believes that our government is bloated and spends too damned much money.  What is shocking is that some are shocked that he's trying to reduce the size and scope of government, cutting programs that he believe to be pork.   Silliness, I tell ya.  Coburn is one of those few elected officials who is truly consistent and he's not afraid to reach across the aisle and work with members of the opposition party when there can be agreement.  Take, for example, government transparency - he worked with then Senator Obama to accomplish that feat. 

As you can see, things are just plain weird in the political world right now.