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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brand Me, Baby

What are the most engaging brands in social media?  While it may not be your small or medium-sized business, there is something to be said for using social media to engage your clients, to establish a relationship with them that transcends mere transactions at the cash registers.

Digiday has a very interesting article about some of the top brands in social media.  From the article:
The secret to Disney’s success in social media is that it places a tremendous emphasis on pictures that every American can feel nostalgic about. One example would be a photo of Cinderella walking down the master staircase in the palace on the way to meet her prince for the very first time.
An excellent example of small business, small-town branding is that of a little pizza shop in Goldendale, Washington named, "Hometown Pizza."  First, the name of the location is absolutely brilliant for obvious reasons.  Second, they have an aggressive social networking presence even going so far as listing employment opportunities on their Facebook page.  And it doesn't hurt that their pizza is fabulous.  While a little more expensive than what one would expect, the price does in fact match the quality of the food served.  

Getting your brand out there isn't that difficult, nor do you need the budget of Bud Light, Disney or Harley-Davidson.  All it takes is a little help, a desire and a commitment to making your business grow...and thinking outside the box a little.