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Saturday, September 22, 2012

9.22 Week In Review

The third week in September has proven to be a bizarre one, to be sure.  Muslim outrage, bizarre happenings in Seattle...we live in strange times and yes, it seems like things are reaching a climax in this weird existence that makes even Tarantino blush a little.  So, here's my rewind for the week!

Muslim Riots.  Embassy's are attacked and destroyed, American citizens killed abroad just because they are American and then the deplorable video of a murdered Ambassador being dragged through the streets.  It defies all logic. And then there's the President's tepid response.  What happened to the days when this country just didn't put up with such shenanigans?  I miss those days.  Perhaps they will be restored sooner rather than later.

Ratpocalypse.  Apparently, some of the construction in Seattle is "displacing rats and cockroaches," making city leaders anxious and residents, well, creeped out.   Oklahoma has tornadoes, Seattle has rats and cockroaches.  I'll take the rats and cockroaches any day. 

Fires.  Lake Chelan, Yakima Valley and the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State have firefighters from across the state hard at work containing wildfires.  The fires have largely been started by lightning storms, and unfortunately, they are bracing for another round of storms that could produce even more fires.  Thousands of acres have been destroyed. 

Presidential Dead Heat.  Rasmussen polling indicates that Mitt Romney and President Obama are tied at 46% which means that the campaign commercials will be coming hot and heavy over the next couple weeks and it should prove to be wickedly entertaining.  Romney released his tax returns, with little or no push back from the DNC.  Truth is that Romney donated a huge some of his income to charity, which explains part of the reason he is in the 14% tax bracket.  But with the $14 million annual income, giving over $4 million to charity barely scratches the surface of his total net worth.  Again, we're forced to choose between the evil of two lessers.  Tragic.

And now, for some interesting local and national news stories that I admit I read diligently...

'Go Rogue'  (Confession:  I think Sarah Palin is amazingly cute, though not bright, so I read far too many stories where she is quoted.)

There you have my weekly rewind.  Next week looks to be even more interesting.