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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Russell For the Win

Runoff Election Pot Stickers
Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District has been and will be for a very long time a GOP stronghold.  Democrats have not been able to field a candidate with the stroke and resume' to stand up to even the weakest of Republican contenders and that trend is not going to change anytime soon.  The GOP runoff saw Lt. Col. Steve Russell soundly defeat former Edmond Mayor Patrice Douglas, thereby guaranteeing a Republican win in November.  Russell is, was and will continue to be one of the strongest candidates the GOP has presented in the 5th District in at least two decades.  And he is going to absolutely dominate the Democrats in the General Election.

This is not to say that Patrice Douglas isn't a nice person, or someone who attends the right church, wears the right clothes and drives the right automobile.  Her handlers in the runoff made a massive mistake in sending out a mailer that appeared to be an endorsement from the departing James Lankford.  They should have known better, but they did it anyway and if it weren't for that dirty tactic backfiring, Douglas would have had a much more impressive and competitive showing.  Granted, it wasn't a landslide, but it was a decisive victory.

Birthday Baby
Today is my daughter's 17th birthday.  Yesterday, she passed her driver's license test so now, she is a licensed driver and she is now a year older.  She and her brother have been through the wringer over the last few years, and her obtaining her license may be a small victory, but it's one that matters to her and yes, she is absolutely giddy.  Madison is a wonderful young lady, deeply emotional, feeling things at the very core of her being and not afraid to share her emotions - particularly if she's upset about something.  This last year, she transferred with her brother from Bridgereek schools to Norman High School and it was quite the transition - a small intimate classroom environment to a jam-packed monstrosity such as Norman High School has been an interesting challenge for her but she has taken it on and is coming out on top.

She's 17 today and I am immeasurably proud of her for surviving as well as she has given the circumstances she's faced. 

Well, have a wonderful day.