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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sometimes We Just Can't Help Ourselves

Walking among us are a handful of truly amazing people.  Their lives seem burden free, they are always smiling, not a single hair out of place and when contrasted with ordinary folks like us, well, they are almost angelic.  You know who they are - they are the ones who command attention when they walk into a room, their fashion sense is always cutting edge and they are, as Marilyn Manson called them, the "beautiful people."

Meanwhile, the rest of us just can't seem to help ourselves - we get into trouble regularly, our clothing is less than fashionable, and it is nothing short of a miracle to actually leave the house with our hair looking even moderately presentable.  We make stupid mistakes, we don't know when to shut our mouths and rather than having the world as an oyster, it's more like a banana peel for us to slip and break our necks upon.  We're the average Joe and Judy and we're the ones who make the world go 'round.

There are a few pretty stark differences between the two classes, so, let's take a gander, shall we?

First, we don't possess a pedigree.  No blue bloods among us, we are the working stiffs.  This doesn't mean, of course, we lack any social graces whatsoever, but it does mean that we are not "A" list of guests to the fancy dinner parties at the Country Club.   Our kids are kids and they get bruised up, scratched up and no, they are not perfect little snowflakes to be pampered and coddled.  We like our kids to have a little bit of grit to them because as adults, we know they are going to have to put up with the beautiful people - as well as those who believe themselves to be beautiful.

Second, we react differently to negative stimuli.  For example, the recent news of the beheading of a second American journalist by the terrorist group, Isis, really pisses us off and we're not afraid to admit it.  We're the type of people who would much rather carpet bomb known areas of terrorist occupation and be done with it.  The beautiful people, however, would prefer to wring their hands and struggle over the politically correct approach and it usually entails a bit of "negotiation."  Even after all of the money spent in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts unknown, the American public is getting fired up again to kick some ass - not talk about ass kicking.  See the difference?

Third, we tend to worry.  Not so much about our revenue stream but we truly fret over the well being of those we love.  When a loved one is sick and disappears off the map for a while, we get concerned, sometimes even frantic with worry.  We know that the love and concern we have for each other cannot be purchased with an American Express Platinum Card, nor can we sit back and appear nonplussed about it.  We worry and you can see it on our faces, in our speech and in our spirit.  We're just not refined enough to hide it.

Fourth, we tend to be far less dogmatic.  Whether it be our religious affections or the fight against GMO's, we hold strong to our beliefs, but don't typically beat people over the head with it.  The beautiful people, however, only associate with the like-minded and they use every means necessary to convert the uninitiated, the little people.  They will use political influence, they will use money, their charm and family connections to do whatever necessary to ensure that their message remains intact regardless of what is happening around them. 

Lastly, we need each other.  Even the greatest introvert among us requires human connections, real meaningful time with loved ones and a circle of friends.  Granted, it may only be a couple times a year, but it is needed.  We need to feel that those within our sphere of influence understands the fact that we're horribly flawed, almost without the possibility of redemption, but ours will always accept us - they may whip our asses, but they are always there.  We feel for one another and there is no high dollar dinner party that could ever replace that feeling.  The beautiful people prefer elegant settings void of real vulnerability.  To them, you see, to show vulnerability is to admit weakness and if you're beautiful, weakness is considered ugliness and there is no way in hell that can be considered acceptable.

I tip my hat to the average folks out there, my brothers and sisters in this struggle we call life.  We make mistakes and often these are really big mistakes that truly change our world and our outlook, but we keep on plugging along, don't we?