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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Down At the Political Crossroads

GOP Congressional candidates campaigned on restoring Constitutional consistency, on providing "conservative" answers to President Obama's "failed policies."  Well, according to an article on NewsOk.com, these same Republicans are preparing to work and reach compromises with the Administration they just a few days ago ripped to shreds.  Representative Tom Cole, ever the statesman, provides his always centrist position as stated in the article:
Rep. Tom Cole, R-Moore, who sailed to a seventh term on Tuesday, said, “Voters are going to keep firing people until we can work together. I don’t think they’re very patient with any of us right now, either party or either party’s leadership.”
While I would argue that voters are going to continue to fire people who are willing to compromise and break all of their campaign promises, it's understandable that Cole desires a peaceful arbitration with an otherwise hostile, lame duck Administration.  But it is rather revealing, isn't it?  Here's another gem from the statesman:
Also, Cole said, Congress could give the president more authority to make trade deals. Cole said Obama was not going to repeal the Affordable Care Act but that some changes could be made, including repeal of the tax on medical devices and a change in the way full-time workers are defined.
I am officially confused.  I thought the President was generally incapable of making meaningful decisions in the best interest of this nation and its future, but Cole is saying that Congress could give this President MORE authority to make trade deals?  Really?  What the hell are we missing, kids?  What in the hell did these Republicans campaign on and why is there such willingness to cast aside the hard line stances taken while on the campaign trail only 24 hours after the election?  

Congress has about a 10% approval rating, but we retain about 90% of them.  What in the hell is the EPA putting in our water?

In all seriousness, Tom Cole has built his political reputation on being a statesman and is by far one of the best interviews I ever had on WKY - he doesn't shy away from questions and he has a great voice and understanding of soundbites.   Cole's desire is to see things work in Washington, to avoid gridlock and to actually accomplish something meaningful and shouldn't be faulted for that.  I like Congressman Cole and I believe that he serves his 4th District constituency very well, but I just disagree with his willingness to compromise this early in the game.

And then, there's Senator-elect James "the Baptist" Lankford.  Read this part of Casteel's story very, very closely.
Lankford said that would be a mistake, that the U.S. Constitution was framed to require the legislative and executive branches to have their respective roles. The president has been far too reluctant to engage on legislation and far too ready to issue executive orders, Lankford said.
“You can’t do this solo,’’ he said. “If he continues to do that, it sets a bad principle for where we’re going.”
"Sets a bad principle for where we're going."  Tough words?  Not so much.  It's tantamount to a parent telling his/her child that if they keep acting up, they are going to continue to be told not to act up, damn it.  Look, Congress has dropped the ball on immigration issues and continues to drop the ball and part of the reason is limp wristed responses like Lankford's to the Administration's complete lack of concern for the Constitution.  

I'll say it again: Congress has dropped the ball on immigration and the issue SHOULD be handled by Congress.  But do you really want to know why there's nothing but rhetoric on this issue rather than action?  Here it is in a nutshell:

Republican Chamber types don't want real reform because big business gets cheap labor.  Democrats don't want change because illegal immigrants add to their voting base and will continue to do so.

Down at the Crossroads...
Senator-elect Lankford is a swell, guy, I'm sure.  We elected him to Congress where he did nothing about immigration and now, in the Senate, he'll do the same.  So, the next time you hear blather about compromise and "shame on you" stump speeches, remember exactly what they've said when the next election cycle comes along.  

It's understandable that everyone wants to get along on the playground that is Washington D.C., but it does make one wonder if there isn't a Crossroads Demon lurking somewhere...

That's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.  But I seriously doubt it.

Ron "Gorilla" Black