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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Irony At The (New) Insurance Commission

Once again, the election cycle of 2010 accountability movement strides ever forward and now, we turn our eyes toward the Insurance Commission.  John Doak defeated incumbent Kim Holland in what some believed to be a surprise.  Holland had the support of some Republican conservatives and even had the legend of Oklahoma talk radio, Mike McCarville, voicing some of her radio spots for her.

But what is truly interesting about this election cycle is not only the election of John Doak, but the rumors that are swirling about some of his potential appointments. 

Sources close to the methane gas filled dome inform your friendly Gorilla that John Doak will be appointing former Representative and congressional candidate Mike Thompson to the post of Assistant Commissioner & Legislative Liaison.  Thompson campaigned as a "business man" who was an arch conservative, a man who wanted smaller government.  If this is true, his continued government payroll is a shocker.

But not quite as shocking as this one...

The same sources from the Oklahoma Capitol have informed me that none other that the epitome of Constitutional Conservatism Randy Brogdon will be appointed as Head of Consumer Affairs and Fraud.  If this is true, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth within the ranks of the Tea Party.  Former Senator Randy Brogdon campaigned hard on the issue of smaller, more Constitutional government and frankly, this bureaucratic position will fly in the face of such rhetoric.  If you recall, Senator Brogdon shocked his staff and volunteers by endorsing then candidate Mary Fallin for governor without talking to those who championed his causes for so long. 

If these rumors are true, the irony is so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it.