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Friday, March 13, 2015

Freaky Friday Week In Review


This was probably one of the more laid back weeks I've experienced in a very long time.  That doesn't mean I didn't bust my hump on projects that pay far too little, but emotionally, there was an odd sense of understanding that encircled me.  Not to sound like a new age nutbag, but I feel more enlightened - not clear, but more in touch with my surroundings.  I am learning about myself that I have lost all ability to tolerate bullshit.  I just can't do it.  I see my brothers and sisters in arms getting screwed over and forgotten by the very ones they swore an oath to protect, and it makes me nuts.  I see how their pain is unique and hidden from general public.  It's frustrating and I refuse to accept any argument that says the country has done enough for our veterans.

I also learned this week that my new website, www.MyVeteransNews.com is a hit.  People like the no frills, no bullshit approach to advocacy for our veterans.  Check it out for yourselves and give me some feedback.

Political News

This past week in politics has been absolutely insane.  Men and women are jockeying for position, trying to tie up their financial base for 2016, and the pickin's look slim.  Either more of the Bush or Clinton dynasties is what we will be offered up.  I don't even believe that the email-gate with Hillary will be enough to stop her freight train. 

The Oklahoma legislature has again made national headlines for its stupidity and absolute craving to fight against the Constitution.  The bill to approve "conversion therapy" was smacked down, but the bill to allow only clergy to grant marriages received a majority vote in the House.  Yes, you read that right:  A majority vote.  This is yet another one of those bill that will not withstand Constitutional muster and the taxpayers of Oklahoma will foot the bill for appeals.  You know, the God Squad Republicans are always talking about smaller government, but they themselves are costing the government hundreds of thousand dollars that could be better spent elsewhere.

Here's my rant on the current state politics right now:  When the Oklahoma legislature is in session, the true nature of the soul of Oklahoma comes forth.  It shows that we're bigoted, sexist, and a bunch of right wing loonies with nothing better to do with their spare time.  Oklahoma's legislature is the highest paid part time legislature in the country - and these pigs like to give themselves raises.  The truth of the matter is that Oklahoma should have a legislature that meets every two years.  Sadly, that will never happen because for most of our elected douchebags, they have the best jobs thy will ever have again.  It's filthy and disgusting, and unless the taxpayers wake the hell up, these bureaucrats will sit on their expanding asses and do nothing but write stupid bills that draw attention to this single celled amoeba of a state.

Personal News

As much as I hate to admit it, after my health had stabilized for a few weeks, I think I may have taken a turn for the worse.  Now it could just be that I caught a bit of the flu, but I notice that I'm becoming increasingly off-balance - as though my equilibrium has taken a vacation.  And there's the increasing weakness...blargh.   I've been back under the gun of pain management too again.  I still refuse to take pain meds because frankly, they make me even more stupid than I already am.  I take all the meds I am told to, but it seems like they have decided to either hide in my system or just not work any longer.  But, be of good cheer because I know that I've faced a whole lot more than this before and I am not going to let it get the best of me - or any of me for that matter.

Conversely, I've had the opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do.  I wrote a series of eBooks and published them on Amazon.com for download to Kindle.  I decided to start yet another in the series, with two of the main characters and it will be darker, more foreboding than the previous.  Another project I'm working on is a story about my life - I know, who in the hell wants to read that?  Maybe someone will be able to connect, understand and be helped along the way by some of the roadblocks I have met over the years. 

Who knows what the next few months or years will bring?  I don't.  I just hope that it is a lot less bumpy than previous years and that we can finally realize that it's okay to elect politicians who make sense and who are actually right for the jobs they seek.  I also hope that I get to feeling better pretty soon.  Not necessarily for my sake, but for those who have to deal with me.  The anxiety and the pain makes me a dick.

Fair winds and following seas, my friends.