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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oops We Did It Again

You can tell when the legislature is in session here in Okieland because the state as a whole, loses its mind.  This last week has been no different and as a matter of fact, the derpage coming from underneath the methane gas filled dome has reached epic proportions.

Between the legislature being a bunch of bigoted self-righteous Pharisees, and the University of Oklahoma fraternity racist sing-along, the state has made national news.  Again.  With each passing day, with each story that is brought to light, we prove to the world that we are in a pickle and there isn't much help coming our way.

Marriage License/Certificate
One legislator wrote a bill that would eliminate marriage licenses, and only allow the clergy to
perform marriages.  It's a knee-jerk to the SCOTUS who has already rendered judgment that bans on same-sex marriages are unconstitutional  This Representative argued that from the beginning, marriage was a "religious covenant," and no one would argue that point.  This IS still a FREE country wherein even atheists are allowed to fall in love, marry, and God forbid, have children together.  How it the hell is it Constitutional to force them to go to one of Oklahoma's preachers (imagine Oral Roberts) to become married.

Representative Todd Russ, R-Cordell, is a religious zealot, trying to create for himself and the rest of the God-squad a simple theocracy in the state of Oklahoma.  He'll fail, of course, and the taxpayers of Oklahoma will be forced to foot the bill for defending this unconstitutional bill and it will not be a cheap tab.  Russ and others in the legislature have initiated a crusade of sorts to force their religious views down the necks of Oklahomans.  Nowhere in the Scriptures is this kind of garbage advocated and if anyone tries to tell you differently, they are idiots who wouldn't understand sound hermeneutics if it jumped up and bit them. 

Racism at OU
Another case where Oklahoma is made to look like a dumping ground for rednecks and intellectually challenged racists has gone completely viral.  A sing along song performed by an OU fraternity was recorded and has hit the Internet with gusto.  OU President David Boren has responded quickly, but not quickly enough to stop the emotional backlash from the rest of the country.  It's sad, it's shameful, and it should not be taking place at ANY institution of higher learning.

Racism is alive and well in Oklahoma.  Back in the days when I had my own outdoor television show (Wild Oklahoma), I was fortunate enough to travel the state and hunt in some of the most remote areas in Oklahoma.  The people were kind, but they suffered from generational racism.  Many of them were making comments that they obviously had no idea what was coming out of their mouths.  Racism is a bad thing no matter how you look at it.  And when it gets national attention, you can bet that Oklahoma is involved somehow.

This behavior has to stop in Oklahoma.  We have to stop electing these pew-jumpers who ignore Jesus' words, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's," and replace them with, "Be the Ceasar and do so with the pride of a Pharisee.  Enough is enough. 

Aren't you sick of this garbage?