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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Oklahoma State GOP Chairperson Will Be...

If you're a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or even one of the three existing anarchists in Oklahoma, you've no doubt seen a snowstorm of press releases flooding your social media feeds.  They are talking points as to which person got endorsed by whom and why.  It's a lot of fun for guys like me who really have no ponies in the race.  That means I can sit back with a fresh bowl of popcorn and just enjoy the madness and of course, pontificate from the comfort of my couch while watching Supernatural on Netflix. 

So....who are the candidates and what are they all about?  My opinion is...

David Weston:  Weston is the sitting Chair, the incumbent if you will, and under his leadership, James Lankford was elected to Congress.  Somehow, they convinced Navy SEAL David White to drop out of the race, and the 5th Congressional District has never been so ineffective.  The last time the 5th District Representative actually got anything accomplished was when Ernest Istook held that seat.  But I digress.  Weston is a deeply religious man, a person of conviction and he has a direct line to the Oklahoma Baptist Convention.  He has served in some form or another in the ranks of the GOP infrastructure for a long time and is relatively "user friendly" where outsiders are concerned.  He did, however, call into question his Constitutional knowledge at a Cherokee County GOP gathering.   In essence, if you're happy with the way things are now and you want a GOP Chairman who is, in my opinion, Chamber-friendly, then I suppose Weston is your guy.  But he does resemble Lex Luthor.

Pam Pollard:  If you're in the GOP in Oklahoma, you are more than familiar with Ms. Pollard.  Pollard is the Vice Chair of the Oklahoma GOP and the President of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women.  I've met her a number of times myself, and to be honest, her energy is unparalleled.  This woman has worked her tail off for the GOP and should be congratulated for her efforts.  Pollard would definitely shake things up a little bit, particularly so because of her relationship with the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women.  The jury is still out in determining whether or not she's Chamber-friendly, but there is no doubt that she has legitimate street cred that she's a conservative.  If you want the GOP shaken up a bit, having a more diverse demographic and energized, Pollard is your candidate.  Pollard can be a little intense at times, which makes me piddle sometimes. 

Randy Brogdon:  Brogdon is also a familiar name in Oklahoma politics - a former State Senator, candidate for Governor, an employee of John Doak, and now, a candidate to lead the GOP.  He has had many jobs on the taxpayer dime, and now, he wants one that is paid for by the GOP alone.  Brogdon is NOT Chamber-friendly, a Republican who borders on Libertarian, but just enough to appease the Tea Party crew (if they still exist).  Brogdon is an odd cat, not exactly the kind of guy you expect to see leading the GOP toward any kind of center-right category.  There were times during the gubernatorial race that he sounded like he wanted to basically dig a mote around Oklahoma and tell everyone else to piss off.  He's a firebrand and if you want Oklahoma to elect more of the same, if you want an OCPAC superstar, he is definitely your guy.  And if we're to be completely honest, Brogdon would be a blast to have as the GOP Chair.  He would really upset some of the neo-cons in the State House and Fred Morgan, former House Representative and current president of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.   Popcorn sales will triple in Oklahoma.

As for me?  I'm not pleased at all with the GOP platform of recent years because it looks more like Catechism than it does a political party platform. 

So, those are a few of my opinions about the three candidates, and this race is probably the most exciting the State of Oklahoma has seen in quite some time (which should tell you something). 

I could be wrong, of course, because my opinions often are...naw, I nailed it.