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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio Walk Into A Bar...

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio walk into a bar...
Cruz orders a diet cola because he doesn't want to offend the church-going crowd by having an adult beverage.
Rubio calls his consultants and asks which brand of beer he should drink according to polling.
Trump orders a Long Island Iced Tea and says, "I need something strong to deal with you two."

The POTUS race on the GOP side has really gotten interesting, hasn't it?  The hatred and fear of Donald Trump has caused some on the right side of the aisle to lose their bloody minds and go full-on idiot.  The arguments used against Trump are ones that have been used in the past against other GOP candidates and there was gnashing of teeth and belly-whacking back then, but it's okay now, apparently.  To see the banter back and forth should be quite revelatory to most of us; it's an indication of just how dirty many of the campaign consultants can and will be to ensure their ponies fair well.

What is absolutely hilarious is the latest blathering to be put forth about "fighting against Trump."  Here is a quote from one elected official:

"I will fight for my country against Donald Trump till I have no fight left."
Wait.  What?

This is a man who has never stood a post, who chose to go down the path of politics as a career who is admitting he would fight for his country against a fellow American but his chicken sh*t ass wouldn't stand a post in the greatest military in the world?  Surely, he is kidding, right?  But no, this dude and others like him are talking a good game when it comes time to "nut up," they are Missing In Inaction; standing a post or being a part of the military would be so beneath them.   

We shouldn't be surprised that not a single one of the presidential candidates on either side of the aisle ever stood a post.  None of them.

Forgive my language, but the audacity of some elected officials to put forth an image that they are exceptionally patriotic during a campaign year when their candidate is getting their asses kicked is nothing short of phenomenal.  

And the really sad part to this madness is that there are supporters of this cat who are congratulating him for taking a stand.  The stupid.  It burns.

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio are exactly what the GOP asked for and we're getting a heaping serving of all three.  These candidates (Trump included) are no different than the candidates we've seen before; just like we keep regurgitating the same line of political hacks and electing them to public office, the POTUS candidates, with the exception of one, are all career politicians.  There are a few differences between the three GOP front runners, but if they are elected, you can rest comfortably knowing that these fellows are going to do what previous presidents have done:  Little.

Don't think for a nanosecond that I somehow support Trump either because I don't.  There are some serious
crap coming down the tracks and I don't think any of the candidates will be able to deal with them.  There's Iran, ISIS, VA disasters, immigration, jobs, and the mess with the SCOTUS.  Which of the candidates can you see actually handling these problems?  Rubio looks like he'd piss his pants if Putin showed up for a meeting, Cruz would probably hold a prayer breakfast of Pharisees, and Trump would just launch and put us in another long and arduous war.

I don't know.  Maybe I am too harsh.  I respect everyone's right to support whomever they choose for whichever office they choose.  Maybe I don't know enough about the candidates, maybe my personal feelings about politicians has been clouding my judgement.  I just know that there was a time when we could have had a decorated Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and dedicated man serve in Congress.  Instead, we chose a camp counselor who is now in the U.S. Senate.  

God help us.

Of course, these are just my opinions and I could very well be completely wrong, but I seriously freaking doubt it.