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Friday, March 04, 2016

Make It Stop. Please.

Most everyone loves puppies.  They are cute and cuddly, and watching them grow borders on the miraculous; heck, we tolerate with great patience their "accidents" on the floor when they are little.  But there does come a time when they reach an age when they just know better.  If they have an accident as an adult dog, it is often a sign that something is terribly wrong.

The three amigos who want to be the Republican nominees for President have been pooping all over the process and We The People should recognize that something is terribly wrong.  There should have been a few indicators early on that caught our attention, but apparently we were too busy watching Netflix (at least I was) to notice.  Let's take a look at some of the warning signs that we should have noticed, and now should notice.

If a Presidential candidate has a reputation of being despised by his own party in the Senate, there's a good chance that something is terribly wrong.

If a Presidential candidate repeats himself like broken robot, there's a good chance that something is terribly wrong.

If a Presidential candidate sends out false information about an opponent "suspending his campaign," there is a good chance that something is terribly wrong.

If a Presidential candidate makes reference to his John Thomas during a debate, there is a very good chance that something is terribly wrong.

These candidates are pooping all over the place and we should know better.  Hell, they should know better but the way the process works is that you spew back to the electorate whatever tripe came out in polling.  In other words, they tell their gang what they want to hear and they don't care if the American people have to scoop the poop. 

When did We The People kiss farewell to our minds?  How in the hell did these three comedians become the Republican front runners?  I mean, really.  Is this the best we could do?  Why are so many people ga-ga over a a guy whose campaign has been anecdotal and at best, one-liners?  Trump is so NOT a legitimate candidate but here he is stirring up shite in the GOP because perhaps he really wants Hillary to win the election?  Maybe?

Trump in the race reminds me of Gary Richardson getting in the gubernatorial race because he didn't like Steve Largent which, by default, handed Brad Henry the governor's race.  

Stop for a moment and think about which of the candidates you would prefer to sit in a meeting with Vladimir Putin.  Surely, not Trump.  Ted Cruz would just want to argue with him.  Marco Rubio would be sitting in a puddle of his own pee!  Maybe it's just me but I long for the days when we had candidates on both sides of the aisle who could debate and carry on a conversation without hair-pulling and rock-throwing.  

We are so screwed.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I could be completely off-base and totally wrong; but I seriously doubt it.