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Monday, May 17, 2010

(Mon)Day in the Life...

It started with the storms and the insanity ensued from that point.  In the midst of the storm, I jumped out of my truck and ran to the opened garage, and then, SLAM.  My head hit the only partially opened garage door.  No blood, no dizziness...just an ouch. 

Then, Monday hit.

Automotive difficulties, followed by three trips to Autozone (great people, by the way - special thanks to Dave for his knowledge).  So, what have we missed thus far today?  Let's take a look...

**Miss America Flap. Depending upon whom you talk to, the issues revolving around why Miss Oklahoma didn't win really comes down to the fact (yes, I'm saying this out loud) that no one really gives a rip about Miss America. It's not aired on the Big 4 (Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS), it has a second-rate host and it has become little more than an exercise in political correctness. So, again - who really cares? It's not like Miss America is going to solve our problems with terrorism, illegal immigration, jobs, the economy, the housing bust or even have a clue about the Supreme Court. In other words, it's about as useful to our nation as American Idol. Yeah, I said it.

But Miss Oklahoma, first runner-up, is absolutely gorgeous to be sure.

**Stephens County Straw Poll!  Kudos to the Muskogee Politico for posting the straw poll results from the Fish Fry.  Some surprises here, friends, but let's not forget this IS just a straw poll.
Fallin - 48.3%
Brogdon - 47.2%
Robert Hubbard - 1.1%
Undecided - 3.4%

Brogdon appears to have picked up some friends down there in Duncan-town.  And what is really surprising is the fact that less than four percent are undecided!

For the rest of the straw poll results, check out the Musings of a Muskogee Politico here.

**KTOK's Ernest Istook.  Former Congressman Ernest Istook filling in for Lee Matthews today was pretty wild.  I used to have the former 5th District Congressman on my show every week and now working for the Heritage Foundation in our nation's capitol, Ernest has been a conservative stalwart, talking policy and pushing the envelope and attacking President Obama with impunity.  Congressman Istook has a great set of pipes, I tell you.

More to come...