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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Silly Saturday

Gorgeous day in the Sooner State - time to see what the heck is going on...

SENATE DISTRICT 6, JAY PAUL GUMM'S SEAT:  Rumor has it that the GOP has recruited a candidate to run in Senate District 6.  Gumm has been pretty darned conservative as a Democrat and with the exception of perhaps his position on autism mandates, he has been a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and veteran's issues as well.  Not sure if there is any truth to this or not, but we'll keep you posted.  Gumm has been someone I consider a friend and has been more than open to ideas on how to improve state government for a very long time.

NEW ADDITION TO THE HOUSE..."CLETUS"  We have been talking about getting a new dog for the house and we came to the conclusion that the dog had to be:
1.  A big dog.   No little ankle-biters allowed.
2.  Short-haired.  Allergies to pet dander are too much for some of the kids.
3.  Cuddler.  Gotta have a dog that loves being loved on.
So, a friend contacted us about a dog they had discovered was available and now, the newest addition to the Black household is Cletus the Rottweiler.  Take a gander.