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Saturday, June 05, 2010

More Thoughts On Gumm, Jett TV, OPA

A friend of mine got pretty fired up when I wrote that State Senator Jay Paul Gumm might get an opponent from the GOP and sent me a message.  Thought I'd share it with you here:
A GOP challenger for Gumm might backfire on Republican hopes statewide. In 2002, Gumm's district gave Brad Henry a bigger advantage than his statewide margin of victory. Much of that was due to Gumm's effective GOTV machine. When Gumm fires up his final re-elect effort, a big turnout in his district could sink a statewide Republican nominee in a close race, especially down-ballot. It's happened before and it could very well happen again. If anyone doubts Gumm's ability to tool up a top-flight campaign, a year out he packed a venue in his district with more than 350 people and raised more than $40k in one night, just out of his district. He can and will get out the vote. This is not where Republicans need to waste resources in an attempt that might ultimately defeat GOP candidates.
Gumm is a very strong incumbent and my friend just may be correct. 

SHANE JETT GOES ON TV:  State Representative Shane Jett (website) announced that his first television commercial is ready for air and I thought I'd share it with you here.

Personally, I have two major problems with this commercial.  First, his mention of being an officer in the Naval Reserves gets under my skin a little bit.  As a Navy veteran, I tend to cut other veterans some slack but Jett makes it very difficult.  His mere mention of it has already caused others to ask me whether or not he is allowed to do so under the UCMJ or Navy Regs.  The truth is that he CAN mention it, but if he wears his uniform in his campaign literature or television spots while an active member of the Naval Reserves, there could be ramifications.  To me, I wonder if his involvement as a Naval Reserve Officer didn't have something to do with his run for Congress to begin with - I like Shane, but the fact that he's using his reserve duty in his campaign commercials makes me a little unsettled.  Second, the little ditty at the end, "Don't forget - vote Jett," was just too damned cute for my tastes.  You, however, can judge for yourselves.

Also, on his website he says he's a "Fourth generation Oklahoman."  In his television commercial, 5th generation.  Not a big deal, but which is it?  

I have no pony in the GOP CD5 race.  I like the Independent, Dave White.

OKLAHOMA PRESS ASSOCIATION TODAY:   The talk at the OPA press briefings for statewide candidates was interesting.  I have heard that Attorney General candidate Scott Pruitt was spot-on, Ryan Leonard had a good showing but not as strong as Pruitt.  I also heard that the man of the hour, the one with the best answers to questions was none other than Lt. Governor candidate, Senator Kenneth Corn.  Yes, you read that right...Kenneth Corn.   Apparently, when Conoco/Phillips bailed out, Corn went to Houston to identify why and actually spoke on three reasons why they left.  THAT is what a job-creator does, my friends.  Forget partisan politics, let's find out what we can do to create jobs and enhance the wealth of Oklahoma citizens.