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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conventional Wisdom: Lankford/Calvey Runoff in OK5

Mike McCarville, blogger and talk radio legend, reports that KTOK's news team believes that Lankford could pull off a serious upset today.  Conventional wisdom would dictate that he is correct.

Lankford signs are everywhere.

Lankford understands social networking exceptionally well.

Lankford is a relatively new and fresh face.

Lankford has the Baptist connection.

But Thompson has had the money and has been up on media aggressively and the talk is that Thompson and Lankford are in a dead heat for the runoff with the leader, attorney Kevin Calvey. 

Calvey has been under fire from Bethany's Rick Flanigan for quite some time, but hasn't had the money to get traction on his attacks.  The other candidates are probably tickled about it, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have created much of a ripple against Calvey, but, we'll know tonight.

Either way, this has been probably one of the most uneventful 5th District races in recent history.