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Friday, July 30, 2010

OK5 - So It Begins

The run-off is upon us and the McCarville Report is reporting that the Lankford campaign is under attack from Kevin Calvey.  Supposedly, the Calvey campaign is involved in what Lankford calls "push polling." 

Frankly, it's what campaigns do in run-off elections.  Not that it is either good or bad...it just is.

Sometimes push-polling helps to educate voters on the differences between two candidates.  For example a question such as the following may be effective in giving candidates a deeper understanding of who the opposition is versus who they portray themselves to be:

"Would you still vote for 'X' candidate if you knew that he/she has been campaigning for this office for four years?"

Or how about this one:

"Do you believe we need more lawyers in office?  Did you know that 'X' candidate calls him/herself a 'businessperson' but is really an attorney?"

Not that I necessarily agree with push polling, but they can be relatively effective.  And we're only three days into the run-off.  Stand by for heavy rolls...