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Monday, July 12, 2010

McCarville: Brogdon Gets It Wrong, Apologizes

The Brogdonite/Fallinista war-torn region of Central Oklahoma surges forward, this time the heat is reduced by State Senator Randy Brogdon himself.

From the McCarville Report:
UPDATE: Randy Brogdon has apologized. He said the error is his. Randy Brogdon's campaign for governor is out with an email that falsely claims The McCarville Report Online suggests his attack commercial on Mary Fallin is effective.
The email uses a McCarville quote about another commercial, not the commercial that attacks Fallin, yet ties the quote to the attack commercial.
"How anyone could confuse the two is beyond me," said an irritated McCarville.
And McCarville isn't the only one irritated by the email. Muskogee blogger Jamison Faught, who has been a Brogdon supporter, says it all very well at http://www.muskogeepolitico.com/.
Faught joins the already-irritated bloggers at okiepundit.com.
Added McCarville: "I wasn't aware of this email until several readers brought it to my attention. It is interesting that for months, I have received copies of all of Brogdon's emails, sometimes multiple copies, but this one, one (mis)quoting me, was not sent to me."
This is a fight that has be a long time brewing.  Randy Brogdon has been winning straw poll after straw poll, but can't seem to generate revenue for much-needed media and against the Fallin machine, you have to have BIG cash to run and win.  And you sure as hell don't win by misquoting the likes of Mike McCarville in the process.

The wheels are not only falling off, they are disintegrating before our very eyes.  It is sad, truly sad because Randy Brogdon has many very loyal supporters who have looked to him as almost being salvific in this race - that Brogdon held the keys to gubernatorial life and death for them. 

In this mess, nobody wins.