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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oklahoman On Brogdon Attack Ad: FAIL

The Oklahoman has begun a series of articles wherein the claims of campaigns are being analyzed.  And it is about darned time.  The Brogdon campaign couldn't be more unhappy about it because the attack ad on Mary Fallin has been an epic failure from the beginning.  The efficacy of the campaign ad is summed up in these words from the Oklahoman:

A review of the political action committee donations Fallin has received since her first congressional race in 2006 showed $1,500 in contributions from J.P. Morgan Chase's committee. None of the other big Wall Street banks' political committees were listed as donors to Fallin on the Federal Election Commission website.
Whether Brogdon is referring to contributions from some individual bankers isn't clear.
Louis Waller, a spokesman for Brogdon's campaign, declined to name any of the campaign donors to Fallin who were also recipients of bailout funds.
"I'm not going to do your digging for you," Waller said.
The ad also says Fallin "requested millions in pork from the Obama stimulus."
Waller also declined to be specific about this charge.
Game.  Set.  Match.

Read the whole analysis here.