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Monday, August 30, 2010

Dave White Hosts 2nd Amendment/Veteran's M&G

My good friend and fellow Navy Veteran, Dave White, is hosting a Meet & Greet this Thursday at 6:30pm at his house in Deer Creek to talk about issues important to veterans and 2nd Amendment supporters. 

Dave is a Naval Academy graduate with an economics degree (gee, kinda helpful with the economy being what it is), a Navy SEAL officer, decorated Desert Storm Veteran, a business owner who is debt-free and has a patent to his name.  Dave has been, and will continue to be, a champion of the 2nd Amendment and unlike other candidates for public office, actually knows which end of the barrel to hold.

I support Dave - not because I don't like any of the other candidates, of course - because he is probably one of the most qualified candidates we've seen running for the 5th District in ages.  His record of leadership is unmatched and with some of the garbage we're facing right now in this nation, we need someone who not only talks about the issues, but has solutions that he himself has lived and proven that can and will work. 

If you're available, you should come by this Thursday evening and meet him and his wife, Lisa (who was a reserve officer in the Air Force).  I make no bones about the fact that I am supporting and working with Dave on his campaign for Congress because when you strip away all the hyperbole, the campaign rhetoric and the partisan pabulum, you realize that Dave is the guy we need to send to DC.