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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Political Fast...Until After Labor Day

Throughout this campaign season, I have been up to my neck in it and frankly, I've missed too much of what's going on around the house.  Rather than hanging out with the kids and spending some much-needed face-time with them, I have been on the phone with this reporter or that reporter or this candidate or that candidate or this legislator or that legislator...and have missed some pretty interesting happenings in the interim.

Something I swore I wouldn't do again after the last couple campaign cycles.

This is technically the last real weekend of summer, the beginning of the hunting season as we see the dove begin their migration.  Of course, I won't be out in the field doing any hunting myself but many Oklahomans will be loading up their shotguns to down a few of the winged rockets this weekend.  Other Oklahomans will be hanging out at the lake, enjoying a three-day weekend. 

I am supposed to be heading to the Creed concert Friday night and if all goes as planned, it will be a night to remember.  From there, it's meat + fire and just some relaxing time around the house.  May even have the guys over to put together new set lists for the band.

So...I'm taking a break from politics for a few days - I'll be posting some art and entertainment oriented garbage for your reading enjoyment.