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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Odd Company

Since the Brogdon/Fallin war left Mary Fallin the victor, there have been numerous questions about where the volunteers would end up hanging their hats.  There was even some banter about whether or not some of the Brogdonites would end up supporting Jari Askins in her race against Congresswoman Fallin.

**Ran into one former Brogdonite at Crest who was clearly in the Pruitt camp.

**Heard from another Brogdon supporter who was so angry, he's putting together a "Republicans for Jari" group - or at least he was threatening to do so. 

**My friend Cheryl Williams who was arguably one of the most staunch supporters of Randy Brogdon is now touting the efficacy of the Lankford machine...which is very interesting because Randy and James are not exactly on the same page politically, but are both Baptists, I believe.

**A handful of others have already decided to throw their support behind my friend and conservative Independent, Dave White in the OK5 general.

This general election cycle will be one for the record books and whether they realize it or not, the supporters of Randy Brogdon will have a lot to say about who gets elected.  While Randy was beaten by Mary Fallin, let's not forget that it cost her $1.9 million to do so.

But then again, what do I know?