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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dave White Completes Biz Move

From Dave White's press release:

(EDMOND, OK) -- Independent conservative candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District finalized the relocation of his company, Laminating Services, Inc., from its Florida location to its new home in Central Oklahoma. White explained that the process, though long and tedious, has been worth the effort.

“Anyone who has owned a business understands the importance of location and accessibility to infrastructure,” said White. “For over a year now, I’ve been developing plans for a new facility in Central Oklahoma that meets my company’s needs in both location and distribution networks. The timing is perfect.”

Laminating Services, Incorporated (LSI) is a company founded by White in 1992 with a simple idea: To create laminated maps that fold easily. Having been a Navy SEAL, White developed a process that allows articles and maps to fold flat and today, White is named on the patent for the process. White’s experience as a Navy SEAL and as a business owner makes him uniquely qualified to run for Congress—he thrives on the pressure related to both.

“When the voters of the 5th District take a long, hard look at the candidates for Congress in November, they will see some very stark contrasts,” said White. “Being a business owner responsible for profit and loss statements, taxes, equipment and making payroll is not an easy task in this economy but I have done it successfully. I can, and will, take my experience and record of leadership to Congress.”

Relocating LSI in the midst of a campaign was no easy task and required flexibility and the passion to stay on task and accomplish difficult goals. White believes it underscores his credibility as a candidate for Congress.

“Think about it: I have a degree in economics from the United States Naval Academy. I am an entrepreneur with a patent to my name. I am a former Navy SEAL officer and Desert Storm veteran,” said White. “Relocating my business to Central Oklahoma took planning, strategy and desire. I accomplished all of this while spending time with my six children and my amazing wife, maintained my F1 Rocket aircraft, redesigned my hangar and am running for Congress. When elected to Congress, dealing with the bureaucrats and special interests therein will be a challenge, but nothing I can’t handle decisively.”
The successful history and transformation of Laminating Services, Inc. can be found at http://www.laminatingservicesinc.com/. It is the fulfillment of the “American Dream.”

Dave White's campaign website is located HERE.
Note:  Yeah, I'm working with Dave - and I'm damned proud to be doing so.  I like both conservative candidates for CD5, but clearly, Dave is the dude.