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Friday, October 29, 2010

Citizen Files Injunction Against Garrett and Yukon Schools

"It's for the children," we hear all the time and this time, school superintendents and officials plan to use our children as campaign volunteers for the infamous State Question 744.  Today, a Yukon resident filed a temporary injunction and restraining order against Sandy Garrett and Superintendent Bill Denton of Yukon.  The plan was to give out materials to children to take home the day before the vote on State Question 744.

Bill Denton and Sandy Garrett have a great deal of explaining to do and friends, this is exactly the kind of campaign tactic that has created the tsunami of support against incumbents and against the status quo.

Contact your local school superintendents immediately and tell them that this kind of behavior will not be acceptable under any circumstances and if they try to pull what Denton has pulled in Yukon, you will work diligently to see them ousted.

We have seen the news reports, we have put up with the garbage from the teacher's unions, it's time for us to act.  Attorneys Shawnnessy Black and Anthony Ferate have assisted a citizen in the move to tell the status quo system HELL NO.  Please share this link with your friends and let them know that they now have another reason to vote NO on SQ744 and demand the prosecution of public officials who use the schools as their campaign headquarters.

Here is the contact information for Yukon Public Schools:
Yukon Public Schools Administrators

Mr. Bill Denton, Superintendent
Dr. Fred D. Rhodes, Assistant Elementary Superintendent
Mr. Kent Mathers, Assistant Secondary Superintendent

Office: (405) 354-2587