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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stand Up To Obama? From Oklahoma?

I have been called a "partisan hack" for many, many years.  I've been a Republican conservative and have made no bones about it.  I have completely decimated Democratic leadership on the air while on WKY and have ripped to shreds many liberal, feel-good policies that hinder our economy and have cost jobs.

But I am an equal opportunity offender.

So, while cruising Facebook, I came across a picture of Congresswoman Mary Fallin speaking at a State Chamber event and the caption to the picture read:
From The State Chamber forum: "I believe President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are out of touch and out of control ... and I'm the candidate who is ready to stand up to them."
Mary Fallin in Washington where, apparently, she was too close to Pelosi and Obama to actually take them on.
Now, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that statement BEGS the following questions:
1.  Are you running for Congress?
2.  Why are you choosing NOW to "stand up" to Obama and Pelosi?
3.  Didn't you serve in Washington where you could have "stood up" to Democratic leadership?
4.  Why did it take you four years IN WASHINGTON to muster up the courage NOW to stand up to Pelosi/Obama?
5.  How freaking stupid do you think we are?

Apparently, very.

No doubt, Congresswoman Mary Fallin will win her bid for governor.  Jari Askins will fall victim to the anti-Obama/Pelosi/Reid sentiment and Fallin will be the first-ever female governor of the great state of Oklahoma in the same year we send a camp counselor to Washington as our congressman.

I like Mary Fallin.  She's fun, she's funny and a very, very sweet person.  This being said, if she says that she is going to take on Washington from the governor's mansion one more time, I may lose what's left of my cotton-picking mind.