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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mary Ain't Jari and Jari Ain't Mary (Glad We Have That Settled)

It was really only a matter of time, folks, before the GOP lashed out against all of the independent websites against Mary Fallin and it appears as though the best and the brightest in the Oklahoma GOP has done their level best to draw distinctions between Fallin and Askins.

Fortunately, most of us with more than 50 functioning brain cells left know the differences between Mary Fallin and Jari Askins, but there are a few points brought out in this one-page website that I found very interesting.

First, on "Energy," the distinction is made this way:

Jari:  When given the chance, Askins didn’t stand up to Washington and issue a strong statement against Cap & Trade, legislation that would devastate the energy industry in Oklahoma.

Mary:  Unquestionably the most qualified candidate when addressing Oklahoma energy issues. Her 20 years of legislative experience both here and in Washington have prepared her to both fight back against Washington cap and trade policies and protect energy jobs in Oklahoma.

Maybe I missed something, but Jari Askins didn't generate her wealth through government paychecks, but as I recall (and I could be wrong), but I thought Jari Askins was/is a mineral owner and has made money through the oil and gas industry.  So, because Jari didn't hold a press conference bemoaning cap-and-trade, she is somehow not qualified on the issue?  One could argue that since Mary Fallin did virtually nothing about illegal immigration (as she promised during her 2006 and 2008 campaigns) that she is also unqualified as governor.  Which leads to...

Second, "Immigration."

Jari:  Refuses to support Arizona’s illegal immigration law. Supports the DREAM Act, an amnesty law backed by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Mary:  Supports the Arizona illegal immigration law and tough, common sense reforms to cut down on illegal immigration. Cosponsored a bill in Congress to beef up border security.

Now it gets fun.  Jari's support of the DREAM act is most assuredly problematic, but in many ways, it resembles the amnesty Ronald Reagan granted illegal immigrants.  And whether Jari supports the Arizona law or not is not a big deal to me...why?  Because each state is now putting together a patchwork of laws because the federal government has failed to do its job.  Istook was slammed by Henry for the same thing that Mary should be criticized for during her four years in Congress.

Yes, Mary "cosponsored" legislation, but I remember that Mary promised (yes, promised) that she would author (not cosponsor) legislation that would deal with the biggest issue, motivator for illegal immigration:  The 14th Amendment.  To "beef up border security" is political-speak for "let the next Congress deal with it." 

Look, let's be honest here.  Jari Askins scares the crap out of the GOP because she has the money to run a serious race and she will do just that.  I have already predicted that Mary will win the race and ironically, it will be because of the "anti-Washington" sentiment right now.

Congrats to the new GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell, for leading the charge and putting forth some serious effort for a statewide candidate who will probably win.  Now, he needs to concentrate on other statewide candidates wherein the offices hold serious power and where we need accountability - like the State Auditor and Inspector, or Labor Commissioner.  We're waiting, Matt...