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Monday, October 04, 2010

Cooler Temperatures, Hotter Campaigns

During the summer months, it is the true believers who get out and knock doors.  I've seen volunteers over the summer for former Congressional candidate Mike Thompson, former Independent Congressional candidate Dave White, former Treasurer candidate Owen Laughlin and even some for Mary Fallin out knocking doors and bearing the brunt of the humid summer heat for their candidates.  But with the cooler temperatures, one can expect a deluge at the door.

On the Republican side, I've seen supporters of Gary Jones for Auditor out and about already this past weekend, I've heard reports from Tishomingo that the Breechen campaign against Jay Paul Gumm has hit high gear, I've heard reports from Tulsa that the Doak campaign is full-tilt and of course, the cooler temps this weekend also brought out some of the Billy Coyle supporters as well.

November 2nd will have record numbers at the polls and October will see record numbers of door-knockers in key precincts throughout the state.