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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Term Limits? Yes, Please.

Term limits.  In Washington, it just isn't going to happen because the Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional for federal candidates.  But that isn't the case for state candidates and I think there are two things that could potentially clean up some of the mess we find ourselves in right now.  They are not the "silver bullet," but it's a start.  Term limits and meaningful campaign finance reform right here in Oklahoma.

1.  Term limits.  Sure, we have term limits in Oklahoma.  Two terms for the Governor, 12 years for the House and the Senate.  We need term limits for every statewide office and those term limits should include time already served.  If a candidate has served for 12 years in the House or Senate (or any combination therein), it should apply to whatever office they seek.  For example, a candidate who served 6 years in the House and runs for Governor, that candidate will only get to serve for 6 years if elected.  Pretty damned simple if you ask me.  And yes, elected officials who have already served for 80 years should be included as well.  Don't give me the crap about "we have term limits opportunities every election cycle" either because the system itself favors the incumbents.  They weild the power, and their consultants have their hands on the lobbyist and insider money.  It is a ridiculous argument, left for the purists at the 50,000 foot level who can't see what's going on down here on planet earth.

2.  Campaign finance.  I believe there should be no limit to campaign contributions whatsoever, however, any campaign contribution should be listed within 24 hours and made public.  If the Chickasaw Tribe wants to give $500,000 to Congressman Cole, they should be allowed to - but we need to know about it.  If trial lawyers want to give Brad Henry $500,000, they should be allowed to - but we need to know about it.  

We're in a mess, people, but we just don't see it.  The average voter is so pissed off at Obama and his insane policies that they are willing to get behind just about any Republican candidate regardless of whether or not that candidate's brain generates enough electricity to keep his/her heart going.  Realistically, it's all cyclical.  I predicted on WKY after the last Bush election that Democrats would take over if Republicans didn't fulfill their campaign pledges, and it happened.  The Democrats have not fulfilled their campaign pledges and now, the cycle of political life continues.  After Republicans sweep this election cycle, their promises will not be kept and after we elect a Republican to the White House in 2012, 2014 will be a Republican massacre.

Until we get some real candidates with real experience from within the private sector to run for office, until we stop believing the hype from either party and start looking at facts ourselves, we're participants in this train wreck we call politics.  But we kind of like it this way right now, don't we?