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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Face of Oklahoma Campus Concealed Carry

The parking lot seems miles away from the front door of the office and it's late.  The sun has set already and in the distance, a quiet hum of traffic fills the air.  A slight chill is in the wind.  Walking across the parking lot, she sees her car, her keys in hand, she hits the remote and sees the lights come on indicating the vehicle is unlocked.  

She reaches down to open the door, thoughts of a warm couch fills her mind, the long day behind her when suddenly everything turns gray.  She can feel blood trickling down her neck and hands forcing her to the ground, her face scraping on the concrete.  Instinctively, she reaches inside her jacket as she has during countless hours of training but this time, her jacket is empty.  

The assault takes only a few minutes, but to her, it seems like an eternity.  Her assailant runs off, leaving her bloody, bruised and battered.  In tears, the police dispatcher on the other end of the phone tells her to remain calm and that help is on the way.

Another woman assaulted, left haunted by the memory of that cold, dark night where her innocence was lost.  If only the law allowed her to reach into her jacket and pull out the pistol with which she has become so familiar, not only would her assault not taken place, but perhaps another woman would be saved from the horror.

Now, imagine that woman is your wife.  Or, your daughter.

In Oklahoma, our college campuses have become havens for criminals, "gun free zones" where the most evil of men can run rampant without fear of their victims fighting back.  But there is one young lady who wants to change that trend and like others before her, support the right to keep and bear arms on our college campuses.

Adrienne O'Reilly is an amazing young woman who attends Oklahoma State University.  Her understanding of the law and the need for men and women to have the right to protect themselves from thugs, burglars, rapists and murderers is phenomenal.   She is on a crusade to ensure those who meet the legal requirements are not kept from exercising their Constitutional right to protect themselves on our college campuses.

Adrienne is the new face of the Campus Concealed Carry movement in Oklahoma and you're going to be hearing more and more about this dynamic, energetic and determined young woman.