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Monday, November 15, 2010

Add One To The List - Randy Terrill

The list of legislators/candidates who openly and unashamedly support the 2nd Amendment grows.  We know that there are a few brave souls left who have not been bought out by the Board of Regents and who are not congregants of St. Boren or St. Hargis.

The one I forgot to mention and whom I was reminded of by a friend this evening is none other than our very own Randy Terrill.  Terrill is, himself, a college professor at Hillsdale College in Moore, supports the right to keep and bear arms for himself and his students who meet the SDA requirements.  Simple enough, wouldn't you agree?

Terrill is the author of the famed HB1804, the toughest immigration laws Oklahoma has ever seen and plans to author "Arizona Plus" immigration laws in the next session. 

Still haven't heard from Greg Treat (former Coburn staffer, GOP Victory Director), Governor-elect Mary Fallin, Lt. Governor-elect Todd Lamb either. 

The fight continues and will continue as long as I have breath in my tired body.