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Monday, November 15, 2010

Silence Is Golden (On 2nd Amendment Issues)

Last week, there was an amazing story on Fox 25 regarding campus concealed carry and it was a result of a shooting that took place up in Stillwater.  But, the champions of the 2nd Amendment during the campaign season were more than pleased to tell us how they were on our team and Governor-elect Mary Fallin actually had on her website:
Furthermore, I believe that gun ownership rights in Oklahoma can and should be expanded. Gov. Brad Henry vetoed an "open carry" law that would have permitted responsible gun owners to carry weapons without concealing them. When I am governor, I will sign that bill into law and send a message that in Oklahoma, we mean business when it comes to the second amendment.
But, now that the election is over, the question remains as to whether or not the Republican majority will follow through - or even answer a question about campus concealed carry.

Asking a few of the candidates and elected officials whether they would support 21 year-old students who meet the requirements for the SDA (Self-Defense Act) to carry on campus, some responded, some were amazingly silent and continue to be silent.  One simple question has been asked and will continue to be asked:  Will you support a campus concealed carry bill this session?  Here is the update...

The Silence is Golden Crowd:
Governor-elect Mary Fallin
Lt. Governor-elect Todd Lamb
Candidate for SD47 Greg Treat

Outspoken Supporters:
Candidate for SD47, Carol Hefner
Candidate for SD47, Kenny Goza
Representative Jason Murphey

The list continues to grow as elected officials are going to continue to be polled, asked if they will support the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms as underscored by the SCOTUS Heller decision.  More than likely, this transitional legislative session will result in some feel-good legislation that gives our new governor an opportunity to build her resume', to gear up for the next election cycle. 

The campus concealed carry issue is going to separate the "talkers" from the "doers" because it pits the status quo establishment against the constitutional conservatives who truly swung the election results this past cycle.  It was the 2nd Amendment community who got out and voted, who were angry and believe in what the founding fathers intended for this great nation and for this great state.  This legislative session and perhaps the next will give us irrefutable evidence as to whether we voted correctly, or if we have been bamboozled into believing that we actually elected constitutional conservatives.

Most of us have a pretty good idea what the outcome will be, who will support the 2nd Amendment and who the "posers" are in public office.

Again, it is horrifyingly ironic that at the age of 18-20, young men and women can raise their right hand and swear an oath to defend the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic, but even if they are 21 and can stand a post and kill terrorists in defense of our nation, they are not allowed to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves against domestic terrorists, rapists, murderers, burglars and scumbags on our college campuses.

The hypocrisy stacks of up so fast you have to have wings to rise above it.

This will be an ongoing story...with regular follow up reports.