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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coburn Family Tree Blooms

Calling it early...

First, it was the defeat of State Senator Jay Paul Gumm by Josh Brecheen - a former Senator Coburn staffer.  Now, it's Greg Treat who blossoms into the job some would think was created for him. 

Greg Treat, Republican Party stalwart and leader of the "Victory Fund" for the GOP this past election cycle, is now State Senator Greg Treat.  A job he has no doubt coveted for a very long time.

Greg defeated a well-funded Carol Hefner as well as other candidates who just didn't get their message out.  This was Greg's "turn," a time for the voters of Senate District 47 to give him thanks for the work he has done for many years for Republican candidates like Mary Fallin, Tom Coburn and Chamber President Fred Morgan.

This is going to be an interesting legislative session, isn't it?

Congrats to Treat and kudos to Goza, Brawley and Dobbs who ran good campaigns.