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Friday, January 14, 2011

McCarville Poll: Doak Deal Stinky

The radio legend, Mike McCarville, took a poll on his blog and sure enough, public sentiment is what reasonable people figured it to be:  John Doak's appointments of former legislators violates the spirit of the law.
He had a football in his ads.

From McCarville's site:
Do the appointments of four former legislators to state jobs violate the spirit of the "no hire for two years" law? (One falls outside the provision.)
No...they're not paid with tax dollars 27% 43
Yes, clearly 60% 96
Yes, but justifiable to use their experience 4% 6
The law should be changed to allow this if "fees" pay their salaries 9% 15
160 votes total
I have read and heard some of the most ludicrous arguments supporting newly elected and sworn in Commissioner Doak as well as the Governor's choice of Glenn Coffee as  Secretary of State.  Most of the apologetics revolve around the "spirit" of the law versus the "technicality" of the law.  The Attorney General's decision, justifying this type of cronyism came about to appease the legislature and career politicians.  The decision itself will probably be challenged and the hope is that the Supreme Court will eventually rule and side with the framers of the Oklahoma Constitution.

Let's be honest here:  Mike Thompson has a real estate background and campaigned about his experience in the same - but not insurance.  In addition, it was Randy Brogdon who said that the state of Oklahoma shouldn't receive federal dollars but ironically, the job he took with Doak is funded with federal dollars...and neither does he have experience in the insurance industry.

John Doak filed suit a year ago, stating that "fees" are really "taxes."  But yet, he has used the term "fees" to hire legislators within the two-year window.  You have to decide whether or not this is acceptable.  According to McCarville's poll, you do not.

We have to decide when enough is enough.  More and more people are getting very, very angry and in 2012, the tide will begin to change once again in the other direction if this type of behavior is tolerated.  And in 2014, if the GOP continues this downward spiral of parsing words, technicalities and misdirection, there will be a severe price to be paid.