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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christina Fallin No Longer Lobbyist

Christina & Mary Fallin
The McCarville Report received the report that Christina Fallin, daughter of the newly sworn-in Governor, is no longer a registered lobbyist at our Capitol.  From McCarville:
Yesterday, Fallin said the decision that her daughter, 23, would no longer be a lobbyist was hers: “We felt that that was not in the best interest of her or the best interest of the governor's office,” Fallin said.

Fallin said her daughter is in her senior year at the University of Oklahoma; “She is looking at different job opportunities outside the Capitol and outside being a lobbyist,” Fallin said. “As her mother, it was my decision. But she understands that's something she needs to do.”
The news broke that Christina had registered as a lobbyist back in March of 2010, her career short-lived, and the media frenzy ensued shortly thereafter.