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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl Sunday Shenanigans

The chicken is thawing, the Little Smokies are ready for the barbecue sauce, the living room being cleaned and the ice buckets are ready.   The Superbowl is just about upon us but still, there are other things happening in the world around us and I thought I would share some of the shenanigans out there in Okieville.

Wesselhoft's Lottery Loser:  The folks over at the Oklahoma Truth Council have revealed a very interesting bill authored by Representative Paul Wesselhoft who, by the way, is running for the State Senate.  According to this bill, in order to receive lottery winnings, recipients must show proof of health insurance.  I don't get it.  Paul is a good guy, with good intentions, but this is through-the-looking-glass craziness. 

Steele Board:  The Board of Education has put itself under the microscope and now every Republican with any kind of power is going after them.  Attacking the newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction and attacking a pregnant woman...well, it was a mistake of Biblical proportions.  Now, the Speaker of the House has decided to get some of the action.  Read it here on the McCarville Report.

Corrupt?  The Oklahoman has a pretty interesting story, asking just how corrupt our government may be these days.  Take a peek at the story and you decide.  Of course, there is a bit of excuse-making, a sprinkle of comparative analysis that gives the reader the feeling that we're not as bad as those other states.  A good read nonetheless.

Superbowl Sunday:  While not a big fan of either team and an even lesser fan of the location of the big game, it is an American tradition wherein we have the ability to eat some great food, enjoy some of the best commercials ever produced and have fellowship of sorts.