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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Other Side of Tort Reform

Tort reform, lawsuit reform, whatever you want to call it...has another side to it.  It has the human side.  The argument from my fellow conservatives is that we need more tort reform because of frivolous lawsuits and it is the liberal trial lawyers who create an environment where businesses are afraid to prosper.

But these are the same conservatives who believe the desires of the founding fathers to be canon - and they find it easy enough to ignore the fact that our founders wanted us to have access to the courts for the redress of wrongs.  It's that simple.

Tort reform in many ways is little more than insurance company profit-making.  That's all it is.  When tort reform is passed, rates do not go down - they never go down.  Just like property taxes...though your real value of your home may be stagnant, the Assessor makes sure you're assessed the maximum increase of 5% every damned year.  Insurance company PACs are huge donor to Republican campaigns and they have effectively bad-mouthed the trial bar to the point where we believe any and all trial lawyers to be bad people.

Even the conservative employee of the Heritage Foundation, Ernest Istook.

There is another side of tort reform, and it is tragically laid out in the following video.  You need to watch it.