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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Special Thanks To Three Statewide Elected Officials

Governor Fallin has faced more than just a little controversy since her election, as has Insurance Commissioner John Doak and now, Janet Barresi.  With all of the craziness therein, there are three statewide elected officials who haven't yet faced any trouble from the media or their constituents at this point and I thought it necessary to offer up our appreciation.

Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy:  Dana Murphy took on the establishment a few years back and defeated Governor Henry's appointment, Jim Roth.  She was under-funded, attacked viciously and yet she still came out on top.  Her superior strategy not only brought her the victory, but she didn't face any real opposition in her bid for re-election.  Thus far, Murphy has been able to stay out of the media spotlight though with crude oil prices being what they are and energy costs soaring, we should expect to hear more from her in the near future.

Auditor/Inspector Gary Jones:  Gary Jones won his tough race by putting together a grass roots operation that will be the model for future statewide races.  Prior to his election to statewide office, Jones had successfully uncovered more corruption in state government than the last two Auditors combined.  Today, Jones is quietly doing that which he promised and the only political hire he made was that of Whitney Jordan Harbour who worked for the GOP and is now his legislative director.  Jones will probably stay out of the limelight until he uncovers more corruption.  Which is exactly why we elected him.

Labor Commissioner Mark Costello:  So, far, so good.  With the madness and mayhem in Wisconsin, we can expect Costello to chime in at some point but for now, he's flying under the radar.

Dana, Gary and Mark...thank you and we appreciate the fact that you're doing the jobs we elected you to do.  Now, please, no scandals.