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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Goldendale Needs...

Goldendale, Washington is a great town, the county seat for Klickitat County, nestled just north of the Columbia River.  One public high school, one public middle school, one, primary school, two grocery stores, a pharmacy, a couple coffee shops, handful of churches, a public swimming pool, a little league park...you get the picture.  The town has pretty much all you could ask for, but in keeping with the American spirit, let's ask for more, shall we?

Recently moving back to Washington State, I remember spending summers here in Goldendale and there are a few things I would like to see return, or perhaps added.  

1.  Bring Back the Drive-In.  I remember my uncle and aunt taking all of us kids to the J&R Drive-In, enjoying a feature film and what was, at the time, some of the best pizza anywhere.  As I recall (mind you, it's been a few years), the screen was held up with what looked like old telephone poles.  The feel of Goldendale is such that it would be only appropriate that someone would have the courage to bring back the theater.  If anyone remembers why the theater was closed, send me an email here.  

2.  Taco Bell.  Yes, we have a McDonald's, a Dairy Queen, a Subway, awesome pizza from Hometown Pizza and the deli at Sentry Market isn't too shabby either.  However, every community needs a place where cheap indigestion and a plethora of hot sauce packets with catchy phrases can be found. 

3.  Apple Store.  Perhaps the population density is quite what Apple would prefer for locating one of their locations, however, it seems like everyone has an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.  Just seems to make sense to have a place to service these fancy gadgets.

4.  WiFi Community.  Goldendale would be an excellent choice for one of the monster Internet Service Providers to experiment on a completely wireless community.  Whether it be hanging out in Okone Park, or the WWII Memorial Park, or waiting at the Klickitat County Courthouse, everyone could have wireless Internet access on their laptops or smart phones.  This is not to say, however, the current Internet providers aren't getting the job done, but it would be a pretty interesting selling point for the Chamber of Commerce.

5.  Local Live Music Venue.  Well, there is the Maryhill Winery down the road where some pretty names play, but every town needs a place where there can be some live music featuring local talent.  A couple of the bars in town have some live music every now and again, but a local outdoor venue where families could come and listen to local talent would be incredible.  Of course, the parks could be used, but it's yet to be seen whether that sort of thing is allowed in Goldendale. 

Bottom line:  Goldendale and the whole of the Columbia River Gorge is an incredible place to live.  Still, it would be interesting were any of the above to arrive on the scene.