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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why So Serious?

I got an email from a friend who asked me about the tenor, the content of my last few blog entries and why I had become so serious.  He noticed that I still had a sense of humor, but the topics had been heavy and in his words, made him "want to hide in a closet."  Well, dang.  That wasn't really my intention at all, but rather to look at issues that are, in my mind, rather controversial and even hypocritical at times. 

There is a lot to be serious about, but there's also a lot of material out there that makes us want to laugh our asses off at the same time.  Even the topics that are very serious on the surface, contain little laughs and some piddle-worthy giggles.  Take politics, for example.  Some of the issues the state of Oklahoma is facing can be alarming, but what's tragically hilarious is the response we get from legislators.  Here's a couple giggle-worthy moments:

The perpetual candidate.
1.  Calvey and Crain's "Loser Pays" Legislation.  At first, I thought this was a satirical piece in The Onion, but then I realized that this is the real deal.  The energy sector (the big boys) in Oklahoma needs more protection, wouldn't you agree?  Those pesky farmers and ranchers who would like clean, fresh water are just a thorn in the side of the big energy players in Oklahoma.  The OIPA (Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association) supposedly helped with the legislation - shocker (shame on you, AJ)!  This is funny shit because even a baboon with 50 functioning brain cells can see that Calvey is sucking up to the money boys so he can fund another campaign, but this time, for the D.A. slot.  Just watch, and join me in laughing our silly little butts off when Calvey announces his candidacy.  And by the way, wasn't he term-limited before and why in the hell is he back in the State House?

2.  Presidential Pabulum.  They are off and running, and many of the names behind the scenes of Presidential candidates are names that we have all become used to hearing in the public arena.  Think about this - it's truly funny.  The same old dick bags are advising new dick bags on the same topics that the last dick bags ran on, and they think we're stupid enough to fall for it.  Wait.  I guess we are.  The oligarchy is alive and well in Presidential politics and frankly, I think the American people are sick of it but nothing is going to happen about.  The irony about the "change" argument versus the fact that we keep going down the same path as before is downright comical.  Screw it.  I'm thinking Dean Winchester should run for President - at least he could deal with the demons in Congress.

3.  Fracking Earthquakes.  Okay...get this.  The scientific community is pretty much in agreement that the cause of all these weird earthquakes in Oklahoma is...wait for it...fracking.  Is there anything being done about it?  Is there anything being done about the waste water from fracking?  Hell no.  That's where it gets bloody funny.  It's like watching a bully pick on some nerdy little kid and then the government stepping in and actually paying the bully to be a bully.  Tell me that's not funny!  Oil and gas companies are seeing legislators in Oklahoma offering free lap dances in return for campaign finance, and the bullies are getting tax breaks as a result!  Like a hooker paying a John for having sex with him/her.  The irony is so rich and thick in this case, it could be considered molasses.   Damage to water supplies, homes and property getting rattled and ripped apart, and the aggregate result is that insurance companies don't always cover the cost of repairs because of these earthquakes.  It' silliness.

Some of these circumstances are so bizarre that there is little else to do but to laugh.  It's pure goofiness and We The People love every minute of it.  Politics has become such a disgusting mess, a filthy place where the socially inept and sociopaths congregate to think of ways to justify their existence by authoring unconstitutional, useless legislation that is nothing more than regulatory masturbation. 

Come on.  It's funny and you know it.

Here's to the rest of the week, and y'all be safe and aware out there.