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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco de Spanko. This is America, Not Mexico.

Yes, it is once again the 5th of May and all the media is twitterpated about Cinco De Mayo celebrations - the day some folks celebrate Mexican Independence Day (or something like that).  Well, good for them.  This little gray duck will be celebrating the 5th of May, a day just like any other because after all, this is still America.

Greatest country on the planet.

And since it is the greatest country on the planet, it's easy to understand why we have such an issue with illegal immigration right now.  People around the globe want to either emulate us or come to this country to chase their dreams and in some cases, fulfill them.

But Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day (the day the Mexicans defeated the French), not American Independence Day and frankly, I have no interest in celebrating.  Many local establishments will have tequila specials and all kinds of other festivities and we'll see a plethora of bodies gyrating to modern versions of the Macarena throughout Central Oklahoma and the newspapers, blogs and Twitter accounts will be deluged with photographs of local "hotties" doing their best to appear as though they truly have something to celebrate.

Meanwhile, back on the homefront, we're:  Investigating a thwarted terrorist attack, trying to clean up an oil spill, paying more at the pumps for gasoline, debating the efficacy of the 10th Amendment, defending the 2nd Amendment, fighting the problem of illegal immigration, bending over for the IRS and lubing up for Obamacare and most importantly, praying for a safe return home of our troops who are (by the way) defending our freedoms so we can go out and party like "rock stars."

Oh, did I put a damper on your Cinco de Spanko celebration by reminding you that there are boots on the ground, fighting terrorists.  My apologies.  Continue...