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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oklahoma Controlled Hunt Deadline Approaches

One of the innovators in state government is none other than the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.  Over the last couple years, the state agency has created an online presence that is unmatched in state government.  You can purchase licenses, tags and you can also apply for "controlled" hunts in Oklahoma as well.

Controlled hunts in Oklahoma are unique opportunities to hunt public lands at specific times during specific seasons wherein limited numbers of people are allowed to hunt those areas.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get some success:

1.  Apply as a group.
2.  Always include a "newbie."  (Someone who has not applied previously.)
3.  Look closely at the numbers - the higher number of people allowed for the draw increases your odds.
4.  Be creative.  Always include a hunt wherein the odds are against you.
5.  Be diverse.  Apply for a variety of hunts that include bow season, black powder and rifle.

To apply for Oklahoma's controlled hunts, click here.