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Friday, May 14, 2010

Righting The Record: No Gubernatorial Endorsement Here

Perhaps it is the inclement weather we have been facing of late.  Maybe even the loss of KTOK's Mark Shannon.   It could even be the fact that allergies have been infecting the nasal passages of even the best and brightest in Oklahoma.  Whatever it may be, the source for hand-wringing and hyperbole regarding my supposed endorsement of any candidate for Oklahoma's gubernatorial races are ridiculous and wickedly silly.

But then again, it is campaign season.

Over the last two weeks, I have seen a ludicrous number of emails from Brogdonites roughing me up for "endorsing Mary Fallin."  And then, within mere minutes, I get emails from Fallinistas accusing me of "endorsing Randy Brogdon."  Some, I answer.  Others, I print out and paste on my office wall for future entertainment purposes because the spelling and grammar is so atrocious as to make even Britney Spears seem like a Rhodes Scholar. 

I will type this very slowly so everyone reading this can understand:  I have not come out and supported either of the Republican candidates for governor, nor will I until there has been at least one debate under their respective belts. 


There are attributes of both candidates I find very appealing and frankly, the gubernatorial vitriol and rhetoric in this race stacks up so fast we need wings to rise above it.  I believe that either candidate (Fallin or Brogdon) would serve Oklahoma well for neither have in their minds our demise, but rather both desire to see our state grow and prosper.

As far as other races are concerned, I have most assuredly made up my mind.  For example, for Corporation Commissioner, I will continue to support Dana Murphy - though she has drawn no opponents at all just yet.  Republicans would be foolish to try and run a candidate against her.  It would be political suicide.  Though I haven't made up my mind completely just yet, I am leaning very strongly toward Scott Pruitt for Attorney General as well.  I have met Scott and spent some time with him and consider him an honorable man with experience and knowledge that exceeds that of his opponent - though I have never met him and only read his campaign website and literature.

Congresswoman Mary Fallin and State Senator Randy Brogdon will have their debates and contrary to what some are saying, I would imagine that Fallin is looking forward to the debates.  We know that Brogdon and his supporters are frothing at the mouth in anticipation as well.  But I find it ludicrous that I have to state so emphatically at this stage of the game (and apparently must do so repeatedly), that I have no pony in that race thus far and won't make up my mind one way or the other until they debate.

And seriously...who really cares about my opinion to begin with other than a few friends and my family?  I'm just a former talk show host, anyway.

So, there you have it my friends.  Now, let's hear some talk about issues like creating jobs, streamlining our state government, reducing the tax burden on Oklahoma working families, public safety, emergency management plans, critical infrastructure, Oklahoma energy policy, worker's compensation reform that does something about the monopoly of CompSource, and yes, even a few reasoned conversations about roads and bridges that results in a streamlining of the ODOT administrative financial burden on taxpayers.

I'll be waiting...