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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nanny State or Good Government?

Republicans have been tilting to the right, working very hard to show the Tea Party movement that they are, in fact, members of the party that celebrated and embraced the Reagan ideologies of smaller government.  Unfortunately, they often fail at such a task and legislation filed by Ardmore Republican Representative Pat Ownbey exemplifies this harsh reality.

Ownbey authored a bill that would require mobile home parks to "have a plan for severe weather" and we have to determine for ourselves whether or not this is Nanny State Government, or if it is good government.  For me, I lean toward Nanny State.

The story from KTOK's Rob Hoy pretty much speaks volumes:
A bill that if it had become law would've required all Oklahoma mobile home parks to have a plan for severe weather has been killed in the Senate.
Ardmore representative Pat Ownbey, the bill's author, says he'll try again next year...

"That's the first thing I'm gonna be doing next session... is to introduce this bill again. I have several emergency management personnel that are working with me and we're gonna go on this route again. I believe we're gonna get it passed, we just have to get the right people to hear it." He says he would have thought after so many mobile homes were affected by tornadoes on Monday this kind of bill would've been a no-brainer.
A "no brainer."  In other words, taking advantage of a tragedy to push legislation that will require business owners to spend more money and then be regulated even more by the government is a "no brainer."  One must wonder whether or not this legislator has spending to much time reading his own press releases or is in a tough race in his House District. 
Read Ownbey's bio here.  One would think a radio guy would understand the fact that people are tired of Nanny State government.