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Monday, May 10, 2010

Thumbnail Sketch Monday

Taking a look at the horizon, there is plenty to ponder...

1.  Feed the Children Mess.  Larry Jones has become an amazingly polarized figure in Oklahoma and now, across the country.  The Oklahoman is reporting that a New York ad agency is suing the non-profit organization formerly led by Jones and regardless of what you think about FTC, the problems transcend just this one non-profit.  It is scar on the face of all religious non-profit organizations trying to do the right thing.  Televangelists, in my opinion, have created more damage for the body of Christ than just about any other influence out there.  From the lavish sets to the million-dollar homes, the decadence at the highest levels of televangelism are nothing short of an atrocity.  The aggregate result when scandal hits is all of Christianity is negatively impacted.
Read the story here.

2.  Dave White on KTOK.  Last evening, Dave White (independent candidate for CD5), was interviewed on Gwen Falconer-Lippert's show and really surprised folks.  When asked about why he didn't run as a Republican since he has been a life-long Republican, he responded, "The Republican Party has become too liberal," and he mentioned the fact that he didn't want to be owned by special interests like other Republican candidates.  This guy is the real deal, friends.  Naval Academy graduate, Navy Seal officer, patent owner and successful business owner, his resume is by far the most impressive of all candidates for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District.  See his website here.

3.  Obama Nominates Kegan for SCOTUS.  Former Harvard Law School Dean, Elena Kegan, has been nominated to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens and thus far, conservative pundits such as Michelle Malkin are having a blast lampooning Kegan.  So far, the talk around the beltway is she's "moderate" - which means she is more than likely a liberal.  Confirmation hearings ought to be very interesting in this polarized political environment.

4.  Reason Together.  OU Political Science Professor, Keith Gaddie, and I had an interesting conversation about "reasoning together," about the level of vitriol that has come about this political season already.  And we're not even close to the primary.  We're seeing the uber-conservative wing of the Republican party taking out its anger and frustration against their own - and the Brogdon/Fallin race is merely one of many examples of this.  During one Tea Party event in Oklahoma, a speaker called for the dismissal of Gary Jones as the Chair of the Oklahoma GOP - forgetting that under his leadership, we have control of both the House and the Senate in this great state.  The aggregate result of the blood-letting will be that perhaps we'll get some decent candidates elected who aren't owned by consultants or special interest groups.  But in the meantime, we have to ask ourselves to what end?  What profit a man that he gains the whole world but in the process, loses his very soul?

5.  Mark Shannon Celebration of Life.  Once again, according to Mark Shannon's website, a celebration of his life will be held at Faith Bible Church, 600 North Coltrane, Edmond this Thursday the 13th at 2pm. 

6.  Remote Area Medical.  Giving back is a big deal and according to http://www.ramok.org/ they are doing just that.  From July 9-11, they will be providing FREE medical help for folks in Central Oklahoma at the State Fair Park.  Check these guys out.  They deserve it.  Hell, I may give them a free ad on my blog just because of what they do.  Volunteer here:  www.ramok.org/volunteer

More to follow, keep checking back...