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Friday, February 11, 2011

Oklahoma GOP Launches Interesting Campaign

The confetti has long since been cleaned up from the floors of the most exclusive of country clubs, the banners removed, and now, the GOP is headed into a new frontier: Targeting college-aged young men and women. 

"Emerge 46" is a slick campaign, featuring some of the bold and beautiful from the Republican Party including Matt Pinnell (Oklahoma GOP Chair), Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, Congressman James Lankford, Stephanie Milligan (President, Oklahoma Federation of Young Republicans), Megan Barber (Oklahoma Federation of College Republicans), with media production handled by Waterford-located Insight Visual Media Productions.  The objectives and focus of Emerge 46:
Emerge46 is the Oklahoma Republican Party’s program for the emerging generation of conservatives here in the 46th state in the union. Whether you are in college, starting your career or starting a family, this program is for you. We aren’t up to bat next; we are up to bat now. We are the emerging generation; not the “next” generation, and it’s time for us to step up.

This program will connect you with College Republican and or Young Republican clubs and activities. We will be a financial supporter of these organizations, and will provide them with training and tools to help further conservative Oklahoma candidates and causes. So check out our website, and connect with us. We are going to find out once and for all just how powerful a force the emerging generation can be for the conservative movement.
Creative, aggressive and having the feel of a LifeChurch.tv promotion, Emerge looks to be one of the more expensive endeavors the GOP has launched in Oklahoma for quite some time but from a marketing perspective, is on target.

Democrats in Oklahoma have been much more assertive in their outreach to college-aged voters and the universities are fertile breeding ground for the next generation of liberal voters.  Emerge 46 appears to be the GOP answer to the Democratic activism by providing a network, a central location to distribute literature, to train young conservatives in fund raising and "develop new talent" for future Republican campaigns.

So, if you've been contributing to the Oklahoma GOP or have contributed to candidates who have in turn sent their money over to the Oklahoma GOP, you now know where your money is being spent.